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Saturday, April 06, 2013
By Cora
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Spring Break.


It is an interesting name for a week where I am off of "work" so I shift into high gear to accomplish activities that should be stretched over a period of months into five days plus two weekends. And add a holiday on top.


My breaks are always crazy. All of my wonderful friends want to see me since I have ignored them for the better part of this year. I want to help everyone I can plus clean my house, work on my business and try to make some money since I am not being paid for my week off.


My Schedule - just so you have an idea:

Saturday- Snow Storm and 2 photoshoots and begin to help one of my best friends move into her house

Sunday - Help my friend move all day, go visit another friend in the evening (and get some down time watching TV for an hour)

Monday - Nanny five kids by combining two different families, help girls move bedrooms, go sledding and bake cookies, lots of cookies.

Tuesday - Drive to Wyoming for a good friend's graduation fro WyoTech, then drive home

Wednesday - Nanny Kiddos all day, crayon melting, nail-painting and other awful smelling activities

Thursday - Watch my college team Metro State play for a chance in the Division II Final Four, lunch with one of my besties, yoga and dinner with one of my soul sisters.

Friday - Family day with mom aka shopping errands (not the fun things, like hand to hand combat at Costco kind of shopping).

Saturday - Watch Metro State demolish their competition and make it to the Division II Championship game being played next weekend. Actually have a day to stay home and work on the

           auction project for my school's fundraiser at the end of the month. Which requires lots of patience, many green crayons and high stress levels while battling gravity and melting wax.

Sunday - Easter, family time with Mom and Brother. Pick up Leah, my little sister who spends the next two nights at my house.


It was an amazing break. Much better than my spring break last year.

But it is crazy. If you ask any of my friends that have known me for the majority of my "adult" life this is normal. And I love them for knowing who I am and how my life works. They know that whenever they need me I will be there. Now that Spring Break has come to a close, my high school friend Cait and her husband are now set up in their new house and can look forward to their baby's arrival in July, Bob whom I've known since College is now back home and is free to be my movie buddy and car mechanic, Jenna and I got some quality yoga time full of snorts and good cooking resulting in food coma's. 

I was able to watch my college team push forward to the D2 championships, which has a lot of personal meaning to me as I have been very connected to basketball since I began working on my college newspaper. I wish that I had the time (and the money) to fly out to Atlanta this weekend and watch the game and drop in on some very dear friends. Of course that is not in the plan sadly.

Here is my Break. How did you spend yours?

The jump.

Hard-core sledding.

Cookie Dough.

She was excited ... can you tell?

Handing over of "fake" Deploma

The moment of becoming a graduate.

Bob and his parents.




Midget fun.

The process

Crayon Melt

Lunch. Best Salad restaruant in Denver. But they are only open on weekdays. So I go whenever I have a day off.

Frozen Yougurt before a movie night.

The beginnings of our classroom auctionproject.

Crayon Melt number whatever ... I can't keep track any more.


Metro State playing during the Sweet Sixteen game in Denver.

Easter Sunday Cinnamon Rolls

Leah and MyRa

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