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Monday, January 26, 2015
By Cora
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Happy New Years!

Being that I have not posted at all in 2014, I thought it better late than never! I've never claimed to be stellar at blogging. In fact, since I've started my business I think I've had at least 3 or 4 blog posts about how I am actually rather horrid at blogging. Its not that I lack ideas; it is the timeliness of the blog that I struggle with, I have great posts that come to mind as I am shooting or driving home and then, as life goes, I walk through the door have to answer emails, cook dinner, do laundry edit photos and by the time I am done blogging just does not sound as fun as sitting down to watch a movie (that never starts before 11pm) or just enjoy a conversation with my one-and-only, I easily fall into. Ah well, here we go....


First, the big news: can you guess it? Can you? (Hint: its in the title)...


Paul and Tara, 2010

CKempShoot is FIVE this year!


I am so proud of my little business. We've worked hard to make it what it is! There is no way that CKempShoot would be five with out all the people that have been there for me, most importantly, YOU my fantastic clients that have put in so much work to pass my name along and keep coming back for more! I have enjoyed capturing every moment of your story since we met.

Brandon and Natalie, 2011

I am going to highlight a family each month to talk about this year because so many of you have shared your story with me, and continue to do so. Look for them in the coming months.


Tyler and Jennifer, 2012

I have learned a lot along this adventure and I am so happy to share my adventures with you. One thing I've learned is I would never be where I am with out the love and massive support from my family and close friends. My dad aka financial advisor helped me set everything up and has continued to be on-call for anything business related any hour of the day. He does overtime during my tax-crunching season. My mom never complains about shopping for chalkboards, scouting new shoot locations or handing out a business card to anyone and everyone that breathes the word photo shoot. She also has spent many hours setting up or tearing down displays for my business in various locations. My brother has been there many times to help me as a light guru or even a last minute gear supplier (long story, stupid detail overlook on my part perhaps I'll tell that story sometime this year). I would still be pulling at strings to make my business grow if it was not for these three people. Not to mention my extended family! None of them live in state and I've gotten 2 photo shoots in Colorado from them. That still blows my mind! They have got my back through anything even though they live across the country.

Ezra and Ainsley, 2013

Now thanks to my friends. My friends are basically my family as well, especially those faces you frequently see representing my name.

Jenna, my top-notch light-guru, gear-humper, prop-holder, bagel-runner, all-around odd-job girl (that was a lot of hyphens). She has stepped in to help in any situation. Most of the time you will see her on small shoots with Claudius in hand, ready to blind or shade anyone who is in front of the lens.

Stephen, he is the happy second-shooter you will see at weddings working just as hard as I am running amuck and getting (what appears to be) way too excited about a window - but those shots always are killer, I promise! - Steve is my longest-running second and I hope he continues to stay along with me. We work so well together basically reading each other’s minds. We enjoy playing with new light set-ups and never becoming bored with the same routine.

Bob is my rock. He is a fellow business owner and we have made a resolution to work harder at our business social media this year. Every night he reminds me to blog and I ask if he has posted anything on his Facebook page. Though he is not always on the front-side of the business he has stepped in a few times to assume the position of light guru. He has saved a piece of $250 gear after it plunking into a mountain river and has the title of car-bouncer for a few reasons. He whisks me off randomly to get away from technology and enjoy nature, making me much more balanced when I come back to my crazy schedules.

Amie is my long-distance bestie who I began shooting photos with. We endured the photojournalism program together through college and started shooting weddings together. She always offers her love, advice and support no matter if she is in Colorado, Germany or Detroit.

I have many other's who have been there in some aspect and they have each put a piece of themselves in my business. Dore, my small business consultant and business promoter. Jenn, who is my advice and editing sister. Isaac, my second-shooter from 2010-2012. Drew, my gear-lender and technical advisor (also shot a few weddings with me). Heather, my first "official" second-shooter. Eric, who bought me my domain and helped me name my business way back at the very start.

Brian and Danielle, 2014 (Danielle and Adilyn pictured)

I look forward to this year. To the new stories I will have the opportunity to capture and those that I will continue to document.


2015 is going to be killer!

Mary and Joe, January 2015


Love to you all,


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