Blizzards, Butterflies and Blue Eyes
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Saturday, March 30, 2013
By Cora
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Can you believe that this shoot was during a snowstorm? Ok, I had a trick up my sleeve. We had planned Maya's two-year-old shoot for the Butterfly Pavilion for a month, and the day we had chosen to shoot happened to be a fairly large snowstorm. So despite the slightly longer commute we were still able to have a great time in the tropics of Denver.


This little girl can book it. She had so much fun bouncing around from activity to activity at the pavilion, however, I think her favorite part was chasing me around saying "rawr."

Ah the simple joy's of scaring adults when you are little.



Not only does the Butterfly Pavillion have butterflies but they have sea creatures and bugs as well the more to explore!


Maya, Dad and Rosie.




Happy Birthday little girl!

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