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The Fotog

Hi, I’m Cora! I love coffee, cupcakes, frozen yogurt, flowers, decorating cakes, swing dancing, gardening, cooking, nanny-ing, my random hat collection and craft projects!
I also love photography. I don’t love it because of the chemical reactions of light and film, I love it because of the people I meet and the wonderful moments I get to capture. I am so excited to work with fun couples who are looking for so much more than just a photo shoot. If you are looking for a photographer who sets up every shot when everything is already perfect, there are plenty of them out there; however, I am not one of those. Now, I have a secret. I don’t have a certain ‘style’ like those other photographers. (Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!) I was trained as a documentary photographer and that’s how I shoot; I capture your day as it unfolds. Sure, I still do the portraits but even those have a
twist of my flair, and usually those sporadic shots turn out the best.

Ok, enough with the cheese. (Even though I love cheese, especially brie!) I really enjoy the moments that flash by every day. The interactions between people that seem so minor, those are what add up to form a relationship. I am lucky to be able to document those sparks, from small to large. In the
end, I am about those amazing moments captured, not just a great photo.

Ladies, you have worked endless hours ironing and re-ironing out the plans and details of your special
day. (Sometimes the man helped too!) You have envisioned your perfect day. And I am here to
preserve it.




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